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COATS Forms and Referrals


COATS On Hold Form Agencies are required to submit this form to COATS upon consultation with Department of Health and Human Services, if appointments are unable to be provided for treatment or at particular sites. 


Bail Referral Form Please use this referral form only if you are a case manager supervising a client engaged in one of the following Bail programs: ARC List, CISP, CREDIT Bail and Neighbourhood Justice Centre. *Updated on 6/7/2016 to include additional court locations. 


The Choices Program is a three hour group-based AOD education program for clients on CCO, CCO Imprisonment Order and some interstate orders (excluding parole). COATS will refer clients to Choices provided by DHHS-contracted AOD service providers, upon receiving the referral from Community Correctional Services. If you are a provider delivering Choices and would like details about processes and eligibility please click here to access the information sheet.


Diversion Referral Form To be used only by AOD service providers that are accredited by DHHS to provide AOD assessment and/or treatment to forensic clients. Agencies include Intake and Assessment providers, Aboriginal, Residential, Youth and Treatment providers. For assistance with using this referral form, refer to the following guide Diversion_Referral_Form_Guide_V1.pdf


Assessment and Transition Coordinators

COATS Prison Referral - Assessment and Transition Coordinator Please use this referral form if you are an Assessment and Transition Coordinator located at a Victorian prison, to refer a client either on Parole Interstate, or straight release from prison (StepOut) for a COATS assessment. For assistance with using this referral form, refer to the following guide Assessment and Transition Coordinator Guide to Prison Referrals.pdf

Parole Officers

COATS Prison Referral - Parole Officer Please use this referral form if you are a Parole Officer, to refer a client who has made an application for parole (Parole Assessment Suitability Stage) or if parole has been granted. For assistance with using this referral form, refer to the following guide COATS Parole Officer Referral Form Guide (V2).pdf


COATS Prison Referral - StepOut This referral form is available for workers or organisations who are involved with a client's transition from prison into the community, including; case workers, prison-based health service (including drug treatment), housing and residential workers, ReConnect programs, Thomas Embling Hospital and other prison staff/programs (who are not Assessment and Transition Coordinators). StepOut enables clients who are on a straight release from prison to access a drug and alcohol assessment from COATS, prior to their release. For assistance with using this referral form, refer to the following guide StepOut Referral Guide (V2).pdf


Click here to access the new online Youth Justice - COATS referral form. This referral form is available for Youth Justice case managers only in Victoria. This referral process replaced the paper version, and is effective from 1st March 2017. The following guide is available for your use:Youth Justice Referral Guide 2017 (V2).pdf 



If possible, when requesting an AOD assessment with ACSO, complete the following form with the client and send it as a part of the referral or bring it along on your appointment date.

Victorian AOD self-completion form.pdf