COATS / COATS Fact Sheets

COATS Fact Sheets

ACSO Connect Referral Categories and Pathways

ACSO Connect Referral Categories and Pathways Document (V2).pdf This document provides information relating to how COATS fits into ACSO's AOD Assessment umbrella

Corrections Victoria - Assessment and Transition Coordinators 

Assessment and Transition Coordinator Guide to Prison Referrals.pdf This is a guide for Assessment and Transition Coordinators relating to the use of the COATS Prison Referral - Assessment and Transition Coordinator, which can be used to refer clients on CCO Imprisonment Orders, Parole Orders or straight release (StepOut) to COATS for drug and alcohol assessment. 

Community Offenders Advice and Treatment Services, Corrections Victoria and Drug Treatment Services Protocol

COATS, Corrections Victoria, DHHS Protocol July 2016.pdf

Corrections Victoria - Parole Officers

COATS Parole Officer Referral Form Guide (V1).pdf This is a guide for Parole Officers relating to the use of the COATS Prison Referral - Parole Officers, which is used to refer clients who are in custody and are at the Parole Suitability Assessment Stage or have been granted parole. 

COATS Referrals - what are they?

COATS Referral Matrix V3.pdf Hints relating to how COATS referrals are coded in Penelope, the origin of various COATS referrals and their pathways.

Diversion Referrals

Forensic AOD client definition policy 2020-21 (1).docx December, 2020. Diversion information for alcohol and other drug clients. 

Diversion_Referral_Form_Guide_V1.pdf Wanting to learn more about diversion eligibility for your client? Read this brief guide for assistance. Updated 20/02/2019

DDAL (Drug Diversion Appointment Line) Referrals

If you are from an AOD service provider that is undertaking assessments for Drug Diversion Appointment Line (DDAL) clients, refer to this guide for information on assessment requirements. Updated 24/12/2020

Forensic AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug)

Forensic AOD Assessment Documents on Penelope.pdf Instructions for locating assessment documents on Penelope.

PrintForensicAssessment.mp4 A short video guide to printing the new Forensic AOD Assessment.

Forensic AOD Treatment Types -Information for the court.pdf Descriptions provided for adult non-residential services and youth, residential and Aboriginal treatment services.

Forensic AOD Assessment Options for the Court.pdf Descriptions provided on the various assessments types available at COATS for court-based programs.


STEPOUT Program- Information for Clients released with NFA.pdf Find out what services are available to clients who are released from prison without a fixed address.

StepOut Referral Guide (V2).pdf If you are a prison based worker or a case worker involved in the transition of your client from prison into the community, refer to this guide to determine how you can refer your client to COATS for a drug and alcohol assessment under the StepOut program.